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Shop India & Ship Worldwide


Why step outside in the market when you can have everything at your doorstep? ShipIndiasey is the courier providing agency quite popular in India and other foreign countries.

ShipIndiasey is the best courier company which not only provides prompt delivery but also at the lowest fares possible. The cheap prices and durability make it one of the best leading courier agencies in the world. It acts as a one-stop destination proving services to both local and international countries. 


Isn’t it so exciting to shop from India without actually going to India? Well, it is all possible because of ShipIndiasey, it makes sure you have anything you want from India whether you live in India or not.

Over the course of its journey, ShipIndiasey has established a good position in the industry by providing satisfaction to its customers. Its only belief is to make its clients happy and satisfied by providing them with the most affordable courier services. ShipIndiasey has a wide variety of services that it caters to its customers with the most courteous and polite staff. 

Nothing can stop you from shopping from India as ShipIndiasey makes sure you have everything you desire. Sometimes living abroad can be really difficult for all those who once lived in India or belonged to India. Unavailability of Indian food, clothes and other such things only available in India is really saddening to the families living in abroad. Often people don’t prefer courier services due to heavy prices and unreliable sources.

ShipIndiasey overcomes all those doubts and insecurities of its customers by providing timely delivery at the prices like never below. It provides 100% guaranty regarding the package along with the power to track your shipments. It also assures the safety of the package by providing a refund to any loss incurred during the process of shipment.


International shipping as we all was once a tough task. With the introduction of ShipIndiasey it is now a hassle-free process. You can completely rely on ShipIndiasey when it comes to shop from India and ship worldwide. It has solutions to all your problems and has a 24*7 help desk, available for you to solve all your delivery regarding issues.

Indians are all around the world and those residing outside look for ways to seek the Indian goodies whenever they have a visitor from India, as they don’t rely on the courier companies. As ShipIndiasey being the best courier service provider agency for Plan A Pickups promises certain things you need not worry with us are:

  • Budget- the most cost-effective company for shipping worldwide is ShipIndiasey. You can compare the prices of other courier agencies with that of ShipIndiasey which is the lowest and most reliable.
  • Packaging- we provide free packaging services and take proper care of your package so that your package is safe from any damage during the shipment process.
  • Quick delivery- it takes 2-3 working days for ShipIndiasey to deliver your package at your doorstep with an option of checking shipment status.

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