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Shipindiasey is an idea that comes to the mind of a couple who love travelling. They noticed that in spite of all the facilities and varieties present in the outer world many NRI really misses the warmth they feel by just the thought of their own Indian culture.

Also it really surprise them that even everybody in the world want to relish the benefits of Indian goods and how greatly they admire the culture and traditional art of India, but couldn’t find a way to reach them as most of the ecommerce sites or vendors do not provide the facility to ship overseas at affordable prices.

Hours of apprehensions and uncountable deliberated thoughts gave birth to shipindiasey, which has now extended up to a level to help people deal with all the issues faced with the international shipping and that too without burning hole in their pocket.

This is the ultimate and the one stop solution to all the problems related to international shipping and consolidation.

"SHIPINDIASEY" bringing india closer to the world.

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