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Shipping from India to USA

Looking for reliable and fast courier services of your packages from India to USA? With ShipIndiasey, you’ll get assured timely services without any damage caused to your packages. 

You can now get all your important parcels or any packages at your doorstep in the shortest time possible. ShipIndiasey provides fastest shipping from India to USA. It’s a well renowned brand for exclusive plan a pickup service provider for transporting all your requirements from one country to another. 

Ship Using ShipIndiasey

ShipIndiasey provides the fastest and the cheapest Plan A Pickup services. We provide a different range of shipment choices including air and sea freight depending upon the urgency of the parcel and other customer requirements. If your parcel is too bulky or it’s just a document, we evaluate your size and your budget and provide an assured delivery within the time span given. We ship everything ranging from household items to sending important office work equipment and files.  Courier from India to USA is now much easier and faster with the help of ShipIndiasey.


ShipIndiasey is an all-in-one platform built to meet your business needs and your personal needs. One has a lot in mind while sending anything important from one country to another such as-

  • Would it reach timely?

  • What’s the surety of products that it does not get damaged?

  • Too much transportation insurance would lead to high courier prices.

  • What if the goods get stolen from the parcel?

  • Would the tracing of goods be possible or not?

  • What if the perishable goods expire while in transit due to delay or mishandling of goods?

  • Is the company a trusted shipping partner?

  • Security of documents that nobody opens it.

These are a few doubts one has while sending packages to abroad. A person sending an important parcel doesn’t relax until the parcel reaches to its destination.

With ShipIndiasey you no longer need to worry about the prices, security, insurance or timely delivery of the package. The timely delivery of your parcel is our concern and responsibility.  We provide the fastest Courier services from India to USA. Also we provide cheapest courier from India to USA. Our international shipping rates are so minimal that you can save a lot on shipping consolidated packages.


ShipIndiasey provides special services where you can simple provide us the product details and seller details; we purchase the product on your behalf and deliver your favourite product from India directly to USA.  You can now shop anything from anywhere without worrying about the delivery of your products. ShipIndiasey provides hassle free international shopping where you don’t have to worry about anything, all you have to do is shop-shop and don’t stop.

Send your love and affection to USA

Shipping from India to USA is made easier and reliable with the presence of ShipIndiasey. You can ship anything and everything from India to USA and get it delivered with just a blink of an eye. All you have to do is, Sign up ShipIndiasey, get registered and enjoy are discount benefits we provide our loyal customers only. 

Shipping domiciliary Goods from India to the USA involves a lot of time and effort. With ShipIndiasey, a certified international moving company, you can undoubtedly ease the Amazon Shipping to USA from India and save the energy and effort required. ShipIndiasey is offering the best Courier Service from India to USA for shipping to the USA from India.

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