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Shipping from India to UK

International courier from India to UK as low as 495 INR PER KG

Are going to India just for shopping? Well you no longer need to do that. ShipIndiasey wants its customers to gain access to the world’s largest online market place.

In earlier days international shipping and courier charges to UK from India were nearly unaffordable and unreliable. Sending anything from India to all over the world would cost more than the amount of your shopping or the parcel you wish to send. ShipIndiasey delivers your parcel at your doorstep at such affordable prices and hassle free door to door delivery.

ShipIndiasey makes worldwide courier simple, reasonable & also provide duty paid services from India to UK*


People living in UK wait for their relatives and other people from India to come to UK so that they can ask them to get things from India.

You no longer need to take favors from anyone and make their luggage heavy. You can do online shopping international shipping to UK with Shipindiasey.

Shop anything you want from India and have it anywhere in UK by just sitting at home.

There are Indians residing in UK and being an Indian they crave for Indian things and shopping. Now if you reside in UK and crave to shop exclusively from India and Indian website, then ShipIndiasey provides international courier from India to UK.

GET your FREE virtual address in INDIA shop & ship to UK

Our Indian web based shopping online websites not accept your global UK address? This is on the grounds that they don't have facility to deliver goods to UK. You will require a nearby Indian location for shopping from Indian online shopping websites.

Shipindiasey can give you a FREE virtual delivery address on Signing up, that you can use while requesting your number one things from India. You can utilize this virtual address on any Indian shopping site or any local Indian vendor and shop for anything you need. We will receive your orders at our ware house, and after consolidation we forward it to your location in UK. India to UK package shipping is now easy with shipindiasey.


ShipIndiasey has created a brand by specializing as an exclusive “Plan A Pickup” service provider by providing facility to pick your parcel from anywhere in India.

Fast international shipping to UK and be stress free. You no longer need to worry about the heavy shipping charges, or the issues of products being damaged or spoiled or untimely delivery or etc. Few of the featured services and benefits ShipIndiasey provides to its customers are specified below-

  • Affordable rates - ShipIndiasey provide the cheapest India to UK package shipping. You can compare from any other courier agencies and their prices with ShipIndiasey prices.

  • Free storage - ShipIndiasey provides another benefit of storage; we store your package for 30 days in our warehouse for free without any additional cost.

  • Repackaging - sometime the parcels are not properly packed and require repacking for extra safety and care. Parcel sometimes have fragile products like glassware or showpiece which needs to be bubble packed to prevent the breakage and durability. ShipIndiasey provides the service of repackaging just to prevent your loss.

  • 24*7 Customer support - any issues or grievances a customer faces is entertained by our executives throughout the day. ShipIndiasey provides 24/7 customer support, where you can talk to our executives regarding your parcel delivery as well as the shipping status. Also if there is any issue regarding the package return, such services are looked upon and fulfilled by ShipIndiasey. You can return the parcel or get it exchanged as per our exchange policy for our customers.

ShipIndiasey believes that there should be no barrier while purchasing anything from anywhere all around the world. You can now just order anything from India and get in UK and anywhere in the world. Fulfil your shopping desires with ShipIndiasey and don’t stop.


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