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Shipping from India to Malaysia


Looking for fastest and cheapest international shipping from India to Malaysia? Here is ShipIndiasey to deliver your happiness package from India to Malaysia at minimal courier charges with the fast international shipping to Malaysia delivery possible.

Malaysia online shopping international shipping

ShipIndiasey makes Malaysia online shopping international shipping easy and affordable. In today’s world everything is all about convenience. What can be more convenient than shopping your desires just sitting at home, getting it delivered at your doorsteps with just a click? Shopping can be very tiring but in this modern world you don’t have to worry about anything. You can order anything from anywhere from all around the world and sit back home and get it delivered to you without any inconvenience.

If you live in Malaysia and you desire anything from India but are unable to have it, then you no longer need to compromise your desires. With ShipIndiasey you can order anything you want from India at lowest shipping charges. Ordering things from overseas can be really time taking and its delivery can take time longer than any other normal delivery. ShipIndiasey makes sure you get the parcel on time within the days promised.


In spite of the fact that Myntra doesn't give worldwide delivery to their clients, you can in any case buy your number one things from this online shopping website. With the assistance of Shipindiasey, you can ship your orders anyplace in MALAYSIA. We will convey it to your doorsteps within 5-6 working days. You will simply need to shop like a regular shopper and give the virtual mail address at the time of check out. Be that as it may, on the off chance that Myntra doesn't acknowledge your international card, you can take the assistance “Help me Shop” services by Shipindiasey providing personal shopper assistance who will do the shopping for you, while you sit back and relax. You will just have to provide the details of your order.

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Our Indian web based shopping online websites not accept your global MALAYSIA address? This is on the grounds that they don't have facility to deliver goods to MALAYSIA. You will require a nearby Indian location for shopping from Indian internet shopping websites.

Shipindiasey can give you a FREE virtual delivery address on Signing up, that you can use while requesting your number one things from India. You can utilize this virtual address on any Indian shopping site or any local Indian vendor and shop for anything you need. We will receive your orders at our ware house, and after consolidation we forward it to your location in MALAYSIA.


ShipIndiasey is a courier service provider and everyday maintains a consistent relationship by providing unmatchable prices prevalent in market and constantly providing heavy discounts to all loyal customers. Sending homemade food to your families living in abroad from India can be really heart touching. But due to heavy courier charges and other reasons like spilling and spoilage, refraining people to send courier from India to Malaysia.

People think twice before sending anything due to all the above reasons. With ShipIndiasey you no longer need to pay attention to all such petty issues. Without any hesitation you can send anything from India to Malaysia. Things you can now ship with ShipIndiasey-

  1. You can ship any food item that you always worried of spilling like homemade pickles, khakras, sherbats and other such food items.
  2. Important documents, work related files, papers can be couriered through the most reliable courier services i.e., ShipIndiasey.
  3. You can now order anything from Indian websites and get it delivered to Malaysia.
  4. Other heavy stuff can also be shipped through ShipIndiasey from India to Malaysia.
  5. Any liquid, solid, or semi-solids can be easily shipped.
  6. ShipIndiasey provides additional services like repackaging & package consolidation services & fragile package packing services. With these services you can get assured that there will be no damage caused to your product while in transit.

    You can enjoy the services provided by ShipIndiasey by registering on ShipIndiasey and make shipment request for your order. Making international delivery was never that easy before, due to lack of trust and delayed delivery. You can now relax, ShipIndiasey solves all your queries and you can track your order until it reaches you.



    Shop from any Indian e-commerce site even if your International cards are not acceptable, or even if you do not have account with them.

    Also are you carry for some offline specialties from India?

    Don't believe in paying to vendors before getting your order!

    We are here for you!


    Giving pickup facility from anywhere in India

    Repackaging & Package consolidation services, Fragile package packing services. Accept all international debit/credit cards. With these services you can get assured that there will be no damage caused to your product while in transit.


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    Now you can calculate your shipping charges using our tool Shipping Rate Calculator. Numerous different locales and organizations attempt to cheat and request higher global shipping rates.

    To try not to get ripped off your cash, simply click the link & Calculate India to Malaysia courier charges and delivery cost from India to MALAYSIA.

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