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Are you looking for sending a courier from India to Canada? Then you have landed at the right place. ShipIndiasey is the best courier service to ship items from India to Canada. We are the most cost effective and safe courier service solution providers.

At ShipIndiasey, our moto is to provide flexible express courier services throughout the world. We are a comprehensive courier service provider for Plan A Pickups. The three things that you don’t have to worry about with us are:

  • Your budget

  • Delivery time frame

  • Safe packaging is a service you can completely rely on for all your exports needs. We provide you with quality solutions for all your modern age delivery problems. Consider us your safest bet for delivering couriers anytime, anywhere. So, in case you want to send a courier to Canada in the cheapest rates you will have to pick a courier service that is known nationwide for easy, timely and safe delivery. is a door-to-door courier service from India to Canada. If you have a courier pick to be done from an address in India and to be delivered to a destination address in Canada, our PAN India collection set up will do it for you. provides the cheapest shipping from India to Canada and in the least time.

You can always check the shipment status with us over a call/ by entering the tracking number provided to you. 

With us you get free packing and weighing advice for couriers from India to Canada. We believe that: 

Your parcel is precious and needs to be delivered safely!

Hence, to pack it with care we advise you to follow some ground rules:

  • Size:

    The size of the box should be appropriate according to the contents in the box. Overloaded boxes tend to get damaged and empty boxes tend to get collapsed. By choosing you don’t have to worry about the packaging at all.

  • Strength:

    We make sure to choose the most appropriate and good quality box which can hold the weight of your consignment. We use good quality double layered cardboard.

  • Quality:

    We always use high quality material, so that they can withstand the journey.

Canada is amongst the most prosperous nations and hence has a huge financial opportunity. Canada is one nation where a lot of people are migrating for education and jobs. By now you must definitely have relatives, friends or a kid pursuing some course in Canada. You must have found yourself in a fix thinking how to send gifts, documents or any kind of parcel to them in the most cost efficient manner.

At we offer high calibre, plan a pickup service from India to Canada for all your courier related needs. We offer the cheapest courier charges for shipments from India to Canada. Try our services, you will get significant satisfaction and a 100% surety that your parcel will reach safely and on time.

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