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Step-by-Step Guide When Shipping from India to the USA

Strong commercial ties between the US and India have led to brisk and innovative growth in eCommerce between the two nations. Shipping from India to the USA may be a smart option for businesses trying to expand their customer base internationally. You might be on to something by looking into that trading route since the USA has a large demand for products like Indian Ethnic wear to celebrate festivals like Diwali, dry sweets, and Indian namkeen. You can also order handicraft items, and God idols from Ishalife, NYKKA, MYNTRA, firstcry, and AMAZON INDIA. Our customers can also use Indian herbal cosmetics in the USA through our extraordinary door to door shipping services. Finding the best and most affordable shipping rates, however, can help you save money.

It can take 3-8 business days to ship goods from India to the USA. Leading international carriers are linked with ShipIndiasey to offer merchants stress-free delivery options. ShipIndiasey is the leading courier service from India to the USA that provides customers to shop hassle-free and receive products at their doorstep over international borders. Additionally, ShipIndiasey delivers your favorite products to your home in the USA from an Indian online store by offering the lowest shipping prices.


Detailed Instructions for Shipping Products from India to the USA

Each effective shipping involves a certain set of procedures. The USA also implements some shipping rules and regulations that our company needs to abide by to securely send parcel from India to the USA.

  • Export Shipping

Moving the product's cargo from the eCommerce websites to the forwarder's location is the first stage. ShipIndiasey collects your favorite products from India and ships at your preferred location in the USA to provide you hassle-free shopping experience.

  • Origin Supervision

It is a type of official governing formality that entails providing the necessary and legitimate documentation to the relevant authorities.

  • Export Customs Clearance

This step is a documentation phase that includes all collecting and loading of the goods. All the products have been cleared from the Indian customs department when they are ready to load in the cargo shipment.

  • Import Shipping

This is the last stage before the product is actually delivered to our customers with proper packaging.

Unique Services facilitated by ShipIndiasey

We offer unique services to our customers to facilitate the ease of the shopping experience.

Virtual Mail Address

ShipIndiasey makes your shopping experience easier by allowing you to shop from any online website in India. To facilitate this service, we provide a free Indian virtual address to our customers residing in foreign countries. Our customers do not need to contact unknown people or vendors to ship their goods. You need to purchase your favorite products from online and offline vendors and ship your parcel to foreign countries with the help of a virtual address in India. This is a unique service provided by ShipIndiasey in which people from outside India can enjoy Indian products without the need of having a physical address in India.

ShipIndiasey gives a virtual mail box, due to which our valued customers can easily bring Indian culture and traditions to their homes in the form of Indian products.

Consolidation Service to save 80% on shipping cost

Consolidation service, the unique service offered by ShipIndiasey to customers, is the backbone of our other services like plan a pickup service, help me shop service, and ship to my door service. In this service, we provide a personal locker facility to all our customers who want to purchase different products from different online and offline Indian vendors.

ShipIndiasey will store your items at a free Virtual address in India. We provide the facility of consolidation to our esteemed customers in which all your products are packaged in your personal Indian locker. With this unique service, you can save up to 80% on the shipping of your individual products.

Help me shop service

ShipIndiasey facilitates customers by offering the help me shop service. In this service, our customers inform us about the products by filling out our form, and after making payment, we will purchase your products. When you make a shipping request, we will consolidate your products in a single package and ship them to reduce your shipping cost.

Plan A Pickup service

ShipIndiasey offers a unique service of plan a pickup in which we will pick up your parcel anywhere in India and ship it to your doorstep outside India.


ShipIndiasey is the leading international shipping solution that will send parcel to the USA from India by abiding by all the shipping procedures. You will get your favorite Indian products in the USA at affordable shipping prices.

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